Thursday 13 June, 2024


Created and developed by Nitrome

The music for this brilliant little game was composed by myself, Lee Nicklen, back in July 2006. The finished game was then released by game developer and creator Nitrome.

Feedme is a really fun and thoroughly enjoyable platform game. Your mission is to guide the hungry, carnivorous 'Triffid' like plant with your mouse and munch on flies and other such helpless critters whilst moving by stretching and clutching onto walls and other surfaces with your strong little jaw.


Two catchy tunes were composed for Feed Me - both of which were instantly snapped up (excuse the pun).


The theme tunes for Feed Me have recently been released for public download by Nitrome on iTunes, amazonMP3 and Napster via the Nitrome Online Shop.


A review of this game can be found on Jay is Games website.

There are an additional two free tracks for download below - those of which didn't quite make the game... Enjoy!
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Download Feedme Music (MP3 Format@256Kbps)

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