Friday 12 July, 2024

Pest Control

Created and developed by Nitrome

The music soundtrack to this game was composed by myself, Lee Nicklen, back in October 2007. This game was later released by the developer and creator Nitrome.

Pest Control is fast-paced: "see 'em and slap 'em" type game - based on your initial human reflexes. Go ahead and unethically splat these little poor little lifes without a care in your little world! *Sigh* I'm such a Schweitzarian philosopher type! :O) What about those poor minescule pixels no one cares about - what do you think your fancy 3D graphics are made of??? Everything matters!!!


I composed two musical tracks for Nitrome's Pest Control game.

You can download the soundtracks below or listen to them in the player above. Nag free versions are available from the online shops: iTunes, or via the Nitrome Online Shop.


A review of this game can be found on Jay is Games website.

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Download Pest Control Music (MP3 @ 256Kbps)

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